Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Crusaders! Assemble!

So, you have been hanging around here for quite a while, you looked at the WIPs and you thought:"Well, pretty cool, but what is actually in the army? That can't be all of it, can it?"

Fear not! Of course we have only shown a portion of what we have!

Here is a little list of what you can expect to get if you are the lucky one:

Abbadon the Despoiler (painted by Studio Giraldez)
Typhus (painted by Mike from SCWH)
Kharn the Betrayer (painted by yours truly)
Lucius the Eternal (painted by HakoMike)
Thousand Sons Sorceror on Disc of Tzeentch (custom built and painted by Master of the Forge)
Lord Zhufor (painted by Jake S.)
Lord on Bike (painted by Nicole S.)
Nurgle Lord on Palanquin
(painted Jake S.)
Lord with Jump Pack (painted Jake S.)

5 Death Guard Chaos Terminator (painted by Pirate Viking Painting)
5 World Eater Terminators (painted by yours truly)

2 Nurgle-dedicated Chaos Dreadnoughts (painted by Jake S. and MrJustin)

10 Thousand Sons + Rhino (custom built and painted by Hephesto)
2x 8 World Eater, one with Rhino (painted by yours truly)
10 Death Guard + Rhino (Painted by Goatboy)
2x 8 Death Guard (built by Michael C. and painted by Dave M.)
10 Noise Marines (built by Keef and painted by HakoMike)
5 Black Legion Marines with Rhino (painted by Mark W. and Area52)

4 World Eater Bikers (painted by yours truly)
6 Black Legion Bikers (painted by Kyle v. T.)
2 Chaos Spawns (painted by Geek Nation Tours and yours truly)

Black Legion Land Raider (painted by Nicolas R.)
World Eater Land Raider (painted by yours truly)

KR Multicase Army Bag
6th Edition Codex Chaos Space Marines (as soon as it is available)
Black Crusade 2012 T-Shirt (featuring the Abaddon Artwork)

After all, this is not a definite list but just the contributions people promised us. So please don't sue us if there are any changes :)
There are some additional things we are working on, and the extension of the campaign will help us getting more stuff.

But seriously, even without any further upgrades this force is easily worth over 4500 points and for sure a more than solid base for any Chao Space Marine army!


  1. Uhm, someone else is doing Zhufor, it's not me!

    Additionally, we're working on 10 more (or more!) Chaos Space Marines for use as Havocs or Chosen, and a Daemon Prince.

    -Jake S, Nicole S, Stew S, and Stu S.

    1. I'm Doing Zhufor! Here he is so far:


  2. And I have just been told that there is a Forgeworld Chaos Decimator coming our way :)

  3. Well, one thing is certain. Whomever is lucky enough to win the final army is going to have a ton of superb goodies to game with! At this speed we'll have pretty much every single unit from the codex (bar a few special characters) present.

  4. Wow, that is one serious prize bundle. So awesome.