The Black Crusade 2012 is not associated with the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund (JVMF) in any way and the Black Crusade 2012 is done without the knowledge of the JVMF and without their permission.

No legal claims arise from contributing to the Black Crusade 2012.

Contributions are not donations, they are not tax-deductible and the Black Crusade 2012 itself is not a charity.

Contributions are made independently from the raffle and  are not refundable. Nevertheless, the Black Crusade 2012 will transfer all money collected till the end of the Black Crusade 2012 to the JVMF and this transfer will be revised by an independent third party.

The Black Crusade is not responsible for a cancelation of the raffle due to force majeure.

Further, we are not responsible for loss of goods (for example during shipping), although we will do anything reasonable to minimize the risk of such loss.

Some give-aways will be provided by third parties. Although the Black Crusade 2012 promises to do anything reasonable to ensure smooth processing of those give-aways, we are not responsible for loss of goods (for example during shipping) and we can not be held responsible if a third party refuses to provide a give-away.

The winner of the raffle will be drawn in a randomly using a list of all contribution in chronological order. The winning number will be generated by a member of the team  without knowlegde of this list using random.org.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of these points, we highly recommend to donate to the JVMF directly. That way you won’t be eligible to take part in the raffle, but you still did something good and helped us to support the JVMF.

Please contact us with any questions under the blackcrusade2012@gmail.com.

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