Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Santa Cruz Warhammer is pitching in

Months and Months ago, the organizers of this wonderful charity drive, asked me if it was OK to use the donation drive method from the Storm Wardens and the Heroes of Armageddon for this one, the Black Crusade. My partner John and I spearheaded the two donation drives over the last two years with immense help from Dave Taylor and Chris 'Jawaballs' Dubuque. We had great success with our method: we raised almost 50.000 dollars. But this year John and I didn't have the energy to start up something and we are SO happy that this team is taking over: thank you thank you.

I asked Falk, one of the organizers, if I could help out in a modest way and he accepted my request to paint a Nurgle Character. My painting skills are not at the same level as some of the team members, but I figured I am going to try anyway. So I made a slight conversion to the Typhus Model, and here is a WIP; I painted some basecolors on, washed it once with sepia and reblocked some areas, then did some minor highlighting on the belly:

I swapped out his right hand and chose an old fashioned gauntlet, holding a Terminator head. For the chaos head I used a standard Chaos rebreather head and positioned it looking at the termie. He's saying "is that all you got, you punk?"
I wanted the scythe to be on his shoulder but in the original sculpt it's pointing down. Because the model is metal, I was able to twist the blade 180 without problems.

I also created a banner for him, using an old Chaos banner made of human skin. That will be fun. Underneath the terminator head I added some greenstuff strands, to imitate gore from underneath the head, where is was pulled off.

Anyway, it's due in the next couple of weeks or so, so I will be solely working on this project and I will need all that time to get something good.

Please donate to the Black Crusade NOW. Remembers, they are giving away prizes all the time, and you still have a chance to win the main army!

SC Mike
Santa Cruz Warhammer
Stormwardens Charity Drive 2010
Heroes of Armageddon 2011

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