Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Feel the Rage!

And here we have some more of the World Eaters I am contributing:


The second squad is armed with Anvil Industry Auto-Scythes. I love these weapons for two reasons: first, they look amazingly aggressive, and second, rumors say Berserkers might get an option to take Boltguns in the new codex and the Auto-Scythes work very well both as Boltguns or Bolt pistols.

Further I am building a squad of 4 Berserker Bikers. Bikers are not really the first thing that comes to mind if you think about World Eaters, but Anvil Industry also offers Chain Glaives which immediately gave me the vision of high speed beheadings on a plain of bones :)

Anvil Industry kindly provided the bits for these conversions for free! Check out their whole range of high quality products at their homepage!

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  1. Joel From Anvil Industry is a Great guy and has great products!! I think this will be awesome when done!