Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

"Attack" is the Only Order Worth Remembering!

Hello again,
some of you might already know that it is my task to paint up a whole bunch of World Eaters for the Black Crusade. At the moment I am planning to contribute Kharn, two squads of 8 Berserkers (one with a Rhino), 4 Bikers and 5 Terminators with a Land Raider. 

Today I would like to show you a first preview of the Terminators. I couldn't resist the urge to buy the Forgeworld Conversions set for them:

They are supposed to be the personal guard of Lord Zhufor (who will be painted by somebody else). Initially I was only going for 4 Terminators so they will all fit into the Land Raider, but then I realized that there is no point not to include the 5th guy, especially because some people don't like to play with named characters anyway.

I equipped two members of the squad Lightning Claws, mainly because I think those are the best close combat weapons you can get (I hope that's still true in 6th edition :) ).

For maximum close range firepower I added a heavy Flamer/Chain Fist combo and a Combi-Melta.

The fifth member of the squad carries an icon and is armed with a Combi-Flamer:
Next step will be to tidy up the miniatures and prepare them to get a basecoat. 

For their ride I am using a loyalist Land Raider (because I've had on sitting in a box) and converted it. I added a crew member firing with a Plasma pistol (inspired by the Forgeworld Cadian Vehicle Crew)

Most complicated work will be to replace all of the Aquilas on the tracks with something more appropriate:

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