Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Hello everybody,
just posting a quick instruction how I painted the awesome Bone Field bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures we are using for the Black Crusade. My apologies for the random picture quality...

Step 1: Abbadon Black

Step 2: Baneblade Brown

Step 3: Tallarn Sand

Step 4:  Ushabti Bone + Agrax Earthshade

Step 5: White Scar

Step 6: Water Effect ( I use Vallejo)

Special step for World Eaters: Tamiya Clear Red

Or for Death Guard: Tamiya Clear Green


  1. Are we just going clear water effect for Slaaneshi or non-aligned models?

  2. I don't expect everybody to get Water Effect especially for this project. If you have some anyway it would be good to use it because it will also help to position the model on the hollow base.

    There are several Tamiya Clear colors and I am pretty sure you can use other inks and mix them directly into the Water Effect.

    Maybe a nice Pink for Slaanesh? :)