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2012 - The Black Crusade

Over the past years, Santa Cruz Warhammer initiated and executed two amazingly successful fundraiser projects collecting almost 50.000 $ for Doctors without Borders.

Well done! I tip my hat to you, Sirs!

This year, they are enjoying a well-earned break from the stress of running such a campaign and handed the baton to a new team of hobby enthusiasts to carry on with this great tradition.

We will build and paint a massive Chaos Space Marine army from our own stocks and from donations. The progress will be documented on this blog. And at the end of the campaign, in August,
the complete army will go to one lucky winner!

How can you be this lucky chap?
As in the years before we do this to collect money to give to a charity at the end of the campaign. This time, all the money will go to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to members of the public who are part of the gaming community and who have suffered personal hardship.

To be in the drawing to win the Black Crusade 2012 army, all you need to do is to contribute some money to our campaign through the PayPal button on the main page. Please read this disclaimer before you make your contribution.

Every dollar of your support gives you one chance to be one of the lucky four new army winners at the end of this drive.
10 dollar contribution =10 chances to win.
100 dollars = 100 chances... you get the idea.

Because we are an international team this time, the pieces of the army will be united at GenCon 2012. After that, we will draw a winner and have everything shipped to him.

In short: the more you contribute, the better your chances.
More importantly, the more you contribute, the more you help to make the world a better place.

But wait, there is even more!
Just like during the past campaigns, and as our way of saying thanks for your help, we will also have additional prize drawings along the way! Everyone who has supported the project up to that point will be eligible to win so donate early and make sure you won't miss chance!

One last thing: All of your money will be going directly to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.
100% of what you give will be used for a good cause! To ensure this we will have an independent third party revising the PayPal account at the end of the campaign to rule out any shenanigans.

If you have further questions, please contact us at blackcrusade2012@gmail.com.

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