Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Attention! Important News!

Hello everybody,
we have to make a very important announcement:

We will extend the deadline for contributions to the Black Crusade! The new date for the final drawing is the 31st of August!

Why are we doing this?
No worries, the army is actually mostly done. And it is quite a force! We will tell you something about the composition tomorrow.

But we realized that the timespan between our deadline for painting and your deadline for contributions is too small. Basically we are just starting to show all of the finished stuff now when you have almost no longer the chance to get your lots :)
And if we extend the campaign we will be able to promote the Black Crusade at GenCon, thereby raising even more money for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.
Never forget: This is what it is all about!

So we agreed that it will be better to have more time to showcase the products of our labor.

Of course we will have more weekly give-aways (so you should actually be glad that we are extending the deadline :) ).


The Black Crusade 2012 Team

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