Dienstag, 7. August 2012

On the Anvil of War

This week's give-away is a brand new squad of Imperial Borderers, generously donated by Anvil Industry.

Anvil Industry is not just this week's sponsor but also supplied the Black Crusade with a range of bits for conversions. For example, both my second World Eater squad and the Bikers have been built with Anvil Industry parts.

The winner of this week's give-away will receive a squad of 6 Imperial Borders with his choice of Anvil Gaming bases!
Imperial Borderers are recruited from the endless farmlands and vales between the Alpha Cities of Helot Prime. In the time of civil war these countryside provinces have become nightmare battleground of foetid trenches and smashed bunker complexes, where the Borderer regiments repel constant assaults from house Crowmanita and their Occult allies.

Check out Anvil Industry for awesome miniatures and heaps of useful conversion parts!

Make your contribution until sunday 12th of August 12 pm EST and you are in the drawing for this prize!
And of course if you already made a contribution you are in the drawing, too.

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