Montag, 13. August 2012


Today we have some WIPS from Jake:

This is Nurgle Lord (on Palanquin) SlugBob Slimetracks.  I’ve equipped him with two digitally sculpted masters (how many charity builds can claim to get not one, not two, but 3 masters in total?  None, outside of Black Crusade 2012!), the massive cleaver blade for the sword - which I’ve then hand sculpted on a symbol of Nurgle onto the front and back, and the shield.  On the shield we have words for aspects of Nurgle in multiple languages – Hebrew, Latin, Sandskrit, Late Phoenician/Arabic, Norse runes, and the written indicators for Inuit along with the standard 3 eyed fly.
The lower body/palanquin/slug section is hand sculpted from Super Sculpey around a floral wire armature and foil bulker.  It’s a bit hard to see as I’ve concentrated the photos mostly on the upper body, but there’s a slug/salamander type pattern worked into the sides and back of the lower body.
The billhook/axe head is from the Chaos Knights sprue, the basis for the sludge cannon is from the Chaos vehicle frame, specifically the combi piece for the bolter.
The upper body was proportionately based on two Space Marine torsos, but is entirely from greenstuff.  The head started out as the Nurgle Aspiring Champion head from the standard Chaos Marine squad, but took on a life of it’s own.  Lower arms are based on Terminator arms, and the uppers are normal sized.
Since the picture was taken, he’s been base coated and had that shoulder guard attached.  Now we’re just awaiting his base to arrive before painting, since he’s going to have to be slightly sculpted into the base for the slime trail, etc, to work properly.

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