Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Seven Nurgs of Nurglings

Jake has more previews for us:

 "As the bases from Justin finally arrived late yesterday, I was able to do the Nurglings.  Unfortunately, as originally done and then recast, they didn’t fit onto the bases, because there’s so much.. stuff.. on them.  If I’d paid attention to the pictures before telling him what bases I needed, I’d have gotten the empty hollow bases for them and filled, but what’s done is done, so I had to make due, and in some cases make new.  Don’t get me wrong, Mr Justin’s bases are beautiful, but just not what I needed for this particular set!"

"All of the Nurglings are hand sculpted originals (the white one is just a resin cast of one).  I decided that the old (and now new) GW ones just looked dicky, the arms on both were retarded in my opinion, and I went for the style as described in a few of the novels of quivering piles of bitey mucus and other bodily fluids.  I’ve also tried to keep them somewhat light hearted, as, let’s face it, bitey piles of schlock like that are a bit silly in their own way."

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