Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Surprise Vindication!

Look what I found in my mailbox today:
“As a surprise, which not even Falk knew about until he saw this email, I’ve decided to donate a Vindicator on top of everything else.  Why?  Because he wanted one, and who doesn’t love a siege tank of DOOOM!?  Well, that and the Raptors that we’d gotten to add in were Failcast and had casting fails galore in them, but that’s another rant altogether.
The Black Legion symbol on the side of the Vindi was sculpted by Stew S., a local hobbyist who’s an insanely good painter and budding sculptor as well.
SlugBob is in there just for scale purposes, to show how big he really is (he’s a bit taller than an AOBR plastic dreadnaught)."

 "The Rhino was thoughtfully donated by our local gaming shop, Area52 down in Tasmania.  A kit like that just screams for customisation, so it got it in the form of skulls over the side doors, a new front-end incorporating parts from the long OOP Rhino of olden days, extra armour on the front with sculpted on daemon aspects, and on the rear ramp (not pictured unfortunately), the same Black Legion symbol that you see on the Vindicator’s side.
I’m not going to give away all the plans for the paintjob, but it’ll be dark and honor the gods.  There may even be flames.”
That's even more units that weren't on our last army list! I need to post another update soon!

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