Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Finished Nurgle Lord

Last night I finished up my donation to the Black Crusade Charity Drive 2012. It's a 'counts as Typhus' Nurgle Lord. He ended up very gory, which is not something I have done before, but it was enjoyable to play around with. I ended up using a different base for him then I first intended, because I wanted to give the model a bit more height. The Typhus model is slightly smaller then the new Terminator models, so the extra height gives him more visual weight on the battlefield.

The poor Imperial Fist is a tribute to a Nurgle Lord I made years ago, I thought it was fun to remake that model a bit.

Here's that old guy from 2009 and the new one next to him

Below you can see the gore, sculpted with green stuff and finished up with some glossy varnish.
 I had the blood drip down on the ground a bit, pretty hard to make that believable, but I am happy with the result.

Lots of glossy residue coming from his flesh breaking out of the terminator armour.

I did end up putting some blood on the scythe, just to create a spot color of red over 3 parts of the model.

And that was it. It will be shipped off and raffled off to a lucky winner, getting a great Chaos Army. It will be raffled off the end of August. PLEASE donate; the cause is great and we all know how generous our gaming community can be. 

SC Mike
Santa Cruz Warhammer

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  1. Now that is impressive work allround, the combination of weathering and gore really give this mini tons of character. On a personal note, nice to that ruiny base. Make for a superb inspiration for the rocky areas on my humble contributions for the project.