Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012


you are crazy!

We are two days into this campaign and today we got literally flooded with offers of support, from hobby clubs and Golden Demon winners to the humble gamer who just wants to help!

Maybe there is a connection to the Black Crusade announcement hitting some major news sites and popular blogs...

Actually, we are a little bit overwhelmed by this response and it might take us a day or two to sort things out (we do have regular jobs, too ;) ). We will answer everybody as fast as possible, but don't be upset if we just say that we need a little more time. Nevertheless, we won't turn down anybody because this is a community-driven effort and the more help we get, the better the army will be and more people will decide that it is worth to contribute some money for the JVMF.

It might take a couple of days to include the new sponsors and contributors to the roll of honor.

A big "Thank you!" to everybody who decided to be an active part of this. We wouldn't be able to do this on our own.

And please keep those offers of support coming!
Just email us at

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